Why Lakes Area Cosmetic Bar Academy?

When it comes to results that are loved today, tomorrow, and for years to come, aesthetic artistry, communication skills and clinical, you need an artist eye with experience.

Today’s aesthetic market is, by far, the most competitive marketplace of all other medical specialties — choices of providers are numerous, options for procedures are endless, and prices are competitive. To make it, to achieve success that you’ve always dreamed of, and to get started with creating your own empire, you need to offer a competitive edge.

 Lakes Area Cosmetic Bar provided one on one training!  Our goal is to allow you to learn in an environment that will not only foster clinical skills, but will also advance your aesthetic vision and your business sense. Think of our courses as much more than just injectable training. It is more of a turn-key instructional program on how to launch or advance your aesthetic career. The goal of our courses is not simply to empower you with the clinical skills you need, but to help you to develop your EDGE and help you gain your WHY while emphasizing the best clinical practices and safety.


Radiesse features unique calcium-based microspheres to help restore facial volume and reverse signs of aging. Radiesee also has the amazing ability to stimulate natural collagen production in skin. Great for jawline, cheeks, facial contouring, neck, hands, booty sculpting.