Our memberships are geared to fit your budget. Members receive discounts on services and products. We offer three tiers to meet your budget needs. Just read below the amazing benefits!

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Dare to Be You | $199 Month

Build your Aesthetic Bank. $199 a Month goes towards services provided at Lakes Area Cosmetic Bar. You will receive 10% of Skin Care. Easy to Budget what you want by paying monthly.
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Queens Don't Compete| $275 Month

Built your Bank on Budget! With Queens don't compete you will receive $1 dollar off neurotoxins per unit, plus 20% off skincare, 10% percent off laser services, $50 dollars off per syringe of dermal filler.
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Fearless-Unleashed- | $399 Month

Build your Bank, this package is meant for turning back time, and taking care of yourself. Neurotoxins are $2 dollars off per unit, Dermal filler is $100 off per syringe, %30 percent off skincare, 20% off laser services. At the end of every 12 months a 50% off CO2 Laser Treatment for face and neck.